General Terms & Conditions

These general contractual terms and conditions apply to all tenants and their travel companions and govern the basic requirements to ensure a pleasant stay for all parties in a cared-for environment. If individual house rules are provided for the building in which the rental apartment is located, then these house rules form an integral part of the subject general terms and conditions. The tenant and all travel companions must comply with these house rules. The landlord reserves the right to check the apartment during the rental term or, in urgent cases when damage is suspected or to repair such damage, to enter the apartment without previous notice.


Enquiries for apartment bookings can be made by telephone, mail, or e-mail. Within 1 week upon receipt of a confirmation of your booking enquiry a deposit of 50% of the total rental fee must be made. The contract is concluded only after we have received your deposit in our bank account; you then receive a reservation and booking confirmation. We accept payment in cash and by credit card as well as by bank transfer (fee free for us!). The remainder of the rental fee is due in advance, and at the latest upon check-in (receipt of the keys). If you cancel your booking up to 30 days before your scheduled arrival date, your deposit is converted to a credit. The credit can be used for another apartment booking within one year. If you cancel less than 30-10 days before your arrival date or the one-year credit period is expired, your deposit is forfeit. If you cancel less than 10 days before arrival the whole amount of booking has to be payed. Cancellations are accepted in writing only (e-mail, fax or mail).

Regardless of the rental term, a safety deposit of € 250.00 must be paid in cash or by credit card upon check-in or receipt of the keys. This amount will be refunded in full at the end of the agreed rental term if no damage to the apartment has occurred.

For stays of more than two months an additional rental agreement is required.

Check-in between 3:00 - 7:00 p.m. local time. Other arrangements have to be negotiated with the landlord.


Check-out on your departure date by 10:00 a.m. local time. Other arrangements have to be negotiated with the landlord.

Pets are only allowed if the landlord has been informed in advance and has agreed.


The place of jurisdiction is Vienna, Austria. The contractual relationship is governed by Austrian law.

The agreed number of people who will use the apartment during the agreed rental term may not be exceeded without the landlord's permission. If the landlord's permission is granted, the landlord still reserves the right to impose a fee increase. It is not allowed to sub-let the apartment to third parties, even temporarily. Any violation of this rule entitles the landlord to suspend the permission to stay and to request a surcharge for the extra person(s) for the period of non-compliance with the contract.

The tenant is liable for the received keys. If one or more keys are lost, the tenant is required to pay for new keys as well as for a replacement lock.

The landlord is responsible for ensuring the booking is recorded and for providing the apartment. If the continued use of the apartment by the tenant during the rental term or the use after a confirmed booking is made impossible by an Act of God, the landlord has the right to offer the tenant and pre-identified travel companions alternative accommodations of the equivalent quality. If no other accommodation of equal quality is available or the tenant is not satisfied with the alternative, either party may cancel the contract. In such an event, the landlord's liability is limited to refunding the payments made by the tenant minus a pro-rated amount equivalent to the already-consumed portion of the stay. The tenant and all travel companions herewith state explicitly that they will use all furnishings and objects in the apartment as well as the apartment itself including all common traffic areas in the building, at their own risk and that they will not hold the landlord liable in any resulting recourse they make take. No liability whatsoever is accepted for valuables belonging to the tenant or travel companions.

The tenant and travel companions are required to use the rooms of the rental apartment and all furnishings and objects included in the use of the apartment with proper care. The tenant and travel companions are responsible for cleaning the apartment during their stay. The tenant must inform the landlord without delay of any defects in the apartment and furnishings/objects or impending failure risk. The tenant is liable for all damage to and impairment of the rental apartment and objects which exceed the regular wear and tear resulting from proper use. This liability also applies to any damage and impairment brought about by third parties who occupy the rooms of the rental apartment with the landlord's permission. If the landlord or his representative cannot be reached, tenants must arrange for emergency repairs as part of their due-care requirement. The landlord will refund any expenses for repairs, provided the damage was not caused negligently by the tenant or travel companions.

In case one of the terms or conditions of the house rules is or becomes partly or entirely invalid, the other terms and conditions remain unaffected. The invalid terms or conditions shall be replaced by standard city house rules or, retroactively, by house rules which are applicable by law or in effect and which correspond to the original intent of the parties in financial terms.

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